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How AV systems have played a key role during the pandemic era

November 1, 2022 | Published by |

It was a tough time for everyone during the pandemic. The electronic medium was the only way to communicate and keep in touch with your loved ones and work colleagues. The majority of organizations such as businesses, corporates, and schools shifted to available audiovisual equipment for daily communication. As an expert in this field, Infinite Audiovisual provided means to smoothen the communication process and helped many businesses to set up their own AV systems.

Sean Betti, President of Infinite Audiovisual, shares his experience during the pandemic times.

Going through these difficult times, we want to make sure that we can work effectively. And I think that’s important when transitioning from maybe working in the office full time to working at home full time, or maybe it’s part-time in the office and part-time at home.

And obviously, video conferencing is a huge component of being able to communicate effectively while not being face-to-face with the person. So, what we’re seeing is that video conferencing systems like Zoom and other systems are being used quite a bit, and their usage has gone just through the roof. And this is for schools, this is for offices, and a lot of different use cases.

Importance of having a quality AV system

We’ll discuss a few things about the importance of having a quality AV system to be able to communicate effectively in the office or at home.

In the office

So, in the office, I think it’s really important for the system to be user-friendly, especially today when you only have so many people working in the office and maybe the IT team isn’t there, and you really want to make sure that the conferencing systems are easy to use, they’re functional, and they’re going to work consistently and have less troubleshooting and just more happy users that are just going to walk into a room and make it work every time. I think that’s really important for the office now.

At Home

What we’ve seen is there’s a lot of variation, right, in how users want to set up their video conferencing at home. Well, if I’m setting up maybe a location in my home to do my video conferencing meetings with customers or coworkers, the thing I want to consider is the lighting.

Do I have good lighting or am I looking like a shadow and you can’t really tell who I am now? We want to make sure that you’re well-lit. We want to make sure that you have a good speaker-microphone combo and that your camera is working clearly. So that may be all built into a nice laptop or that could be peripheral devices that are set up in that space and peripheral devices. What I mean by that is like a USB camera, maybe a USB microphone, and speakers. Those things all together combined with the CPU or the laptop, really are what control the video conferencing system and experience.

So Infinite Audio Visual can help your users in the office and your users at home determine the right hardware to use and how to set up yours. Your video conferencing spaces are effective.

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