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Conference room schedulers make meetings possible

August 21, 2019 | Published by |

Many global companies and universities use digital conference room schedulers but all companies with growing workplaces need them.

We’ve seen companies in the Bay Area experience explosive growth in terms of employees and office space. As the number of team members grew, the availability of meeting spaces shrunk. Reserving a room on the “first-come, first-serve” method no longer worked and scheduling using Outlook alone caused issues when employees circumvented the procedures. In many cases, the meeting rooms didn’t have windows so people walked into meeting rooms they thought were empty. The frustration and scheduling issues were consistent with every company we first met.

Make Meetings Easier

As we helped these growing companies (soon to be global companies) install the technology to make their creative meetings possible, we saw the available technology for conference room schedulers evolve in so many ways:

1) Integrating into existing scheduling software – Google, Outlook, Exchange and more

2) Touch screen technology to schedule right at the room

3) The LED lighting that shows whether a room is available

4) Easy customization of panels

5) Easy mounting for all surfaces and types of rooms

6) Background music and paging integrated

7) Analytics for room usage, activity patterns, and occupancy trends

Determine Your Needs

There are many systems from which to choose but it’s important to understand the goals first. Make sure you sit down with your team to determine exactly what you need (not want) to help your employees meet and succeed:

1) How many conference rooms

2) Existing systems with which it must integrate

3) How people get together (large meetings, smaller huddle rooms, etc.) – the size of meetings

4) What constitutes “ease of use” for your employees

Starting with these requirements will help you choose the right system. We work with companies to help them get a system that will fuel their growth.

The Right Conference Room Schedulers For You

There are several major brands for AV systems that offer room schedulers, such as Extron, Creston, and Harman. There are many other brands with schedulers for very specific uses as well, such as room schedulers for Zoom Rooms. We learn and get certified by many of these manufacturers before we sell their products so that we really understand what’s possible. This also means that certified resellers can better install and service them.

The service component is also critical to avoid issues. These systems are sophisticated and if the interface is causing issues, they need to be fixed immediately.

You can debate about particular systems and their features forever. It still comes down to how you choose to use the system. We find that a plan that involves complete integration and networking with existing systems is key. Sometimes we look at everything from cabling to AV systems in conference rooms and every system that connects.

You should consider making everything seamless and intuitive for your employees so that they can focus on what they do best. Personally, that’s why I love screen schedulers because the return on investment is so clear. They save everyone time and maximize the meeting room resource. Looking beyond the obvious problem solving, they make even make collaboration easier and fuel creativity.

That may be a stretch but the best use of technology in an office setting can do that. It’s up to you, though, to craft a plan that will enable the creativity to flow.


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This post was written by Sean Betti

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