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10 things to consider before buying an AV system

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Modern business environments undergo continuous updates with the help of various AV systems. As a result, AV systems have become an integral part of most businesses. Are you searching for more effective ways to communicate with internal teams? Do you want your latest marketing promotions in front of customers’ eyes? If yes, then employing the latest AV systems with skillful AV design will give a competitive edge to your organization. Audio Visual is a powerful tool that will give your company a real advantage in a rapidly changing commercial environment.

Here are 10 important things you must consider before buying an AV System.

Identify a qualified Audiovisual integrator that you want to purchase from

It is the first step you need to take before making your buying decision. If you are looking for AV systems in Campbell, California, or San Francisco Bay Area, then Infinite Audiovisual is a Certified Reseller of various AV technologies. They have undergone training with manufacturers and are currently AVIXA certified with CTS-D credentials, which is Certified Technology Specialist with Design. Thus, availing of services from a qualified reseller is highly important.

AV needs and wants

You must differentiate between what you need and what is just a desire while adopting technology. If you are planning a conference room, then a display, video conferencing camera, speakers, and microphones are your needs; without them, you can’t proceed. But, if you think of a 4k display, ceiling speakers, and touch panels, these are your unnecessary wants. So, you have to brainstorm about making this decision.

Considering the users

While buying an AV system for your organization, you must consider the users of this system. Some technical companies or their technical departments will require complex technologies and systems with several controls and adjustments. On the contrary, some may prefer simple AV systems that staff can use by plugging in and with zero adjustments. Users are the ones for whom you should implement the system.

Considering the existing space

The other major aspect which comes into the picture is the existing space available for the new AV system. Do you have a three-person huddle room, a medium-sized conference room for board members, or a large hand space room for 50-100 employees? You need to consider the space before making a buying decision for AV technologies for your business environment


The system’s scalability is an important factor that decides whether your system has scope for upgrading in the future or not. Never choose the system which satisfies only your current needs, without any scope for adding new features in the future. Infinite Audiovisual helps to determine which systems allow scalability and which systems you should stay away from. As their non-upgradability and non-compatibility with future systems will give you limited scope to upgrade.


The compatibility of the new system with the existing equipment is another major concern of many businesses. There are businesses that don’t want to spend more on the new systems. Rather they want to keep their existing equipment to save costs.

Sometimes clients may have displays on the wall already and they want to keep those displays rather than replace them. They may also have existing speakers or microphones in places that they would like to keep as well.

Infinite Audiovisual ensures that a new infrastructure design is compatible with the existing infrastructure to keep the budget down.

The electrical load on the equipment

It is an important factor to consider when buying an AV system at your workplace. It is not a big deal if you have just a couple of devices, maybe a computer unit. But in some of the larger rooms, when you’re dealing with amplifiers and a lot of high-powered speakers and components, you have to consider the load on the circuits. In some cases, you might need a dedicated circuit for the system.

Required Network Bandwidth

It is important to consider how much bandwidth these video conferencing systems require. Suppose you need a lot of video conferencing for meetings scheduled in the office. Then there are chances that the wireless bandwidth in that office may go down to nothing, and people working there don’t have Internet connectivity. You must ensure that the rooms are designed appropriately and systems are properly set up for the network bandwidth.


Serviceability is another important factor that many of us overlook. In the case of simple AV systems, which require very less or no adjustments, service is easy. But, in the case of complex systems, which have many controls and involve some adjustments, they need to be serviced by a specialist by visiting the place of business. Therefore, most service providers face issues with the serviceability of AV systems which are complex.


Another difficult thing to do is the future-proofing of your AV investment. There are a lot of technologies that are constantly changing and evolving. Continuous improvements are taking place in the field of AV systems as well. Infinite Audiovisual helps you with the needs assessment for various AV systems and experiences for future-proofing of your AV investment.


Now that you have understood the key things to consider before buying an AV system, you will be wise to choose the suitable AV system for your organization. Taking these precautions will help you future-proof your AV systems and grow your business in the right direction. Stay ahead of the competition by adopting the latest technology to satisfy your customers.

Are you looking for a skilled audiovisual system integrator? Call us at (408) 796-7735 or schedule a review of your system with our experts.


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