What is digital signage

What is digital signage? How can it improve the overall productivity of the business

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The rise of digital and dynamic content has opened new opportunities for marketers and businesses. The latest audiovisual technology aids in creating a spectacular experience for the intended audience. This changes how people consume the content and their decision-making process.

Digital Signage is one such audiovisual technology that helps marketers and businesses to creatively and effectively convey their message. One of the many reasons behind the popularity of Digital Signage is its interactive nature and scalability.

Let’s understand more about Digital Signage.

What is Digital Signage?


Digital Signage is the display technology such as LED and LCD monitors used to display colorful images, posters, messages, instructions, videos, and webpages.

Digital Signage is used indoors as well as in outdoor settings. From the corridors of offices, and restaurant counters to public places such as museums, retail shops, commercial buildings, highways, sports arenas, and shopping malls, digital signage is used everywhere for various reasons. 


Applications of Digital Signage:

Digital signage is used outdoors for disruptive marketing efforts, creating brand awareness, providing directions, etc. 

Digital Signage is used indoors to display meeting room occupancy, share sales information with the whole team, convey notices to employees, provide a public notice to customers, conduct branding and promotion of the product, list the restaurant menu, and more.


Let’s dive into how businesses can use digital signage for its advantages:


1: Provides Clear Communication

If you have too much information to share with your customer then think of signage that contains excessive text and/or graphics. 

Overloading information can make your customer confused and decision-making abilities about your brand or product.

Providing clear communication through signage is a great way to eliminate that barrier between cognitive overload and increase the chance for purchases by the end-user.


2: Relate Brand Character and Identity

The choices you make in branding are important, and keeping consistency throughout your space is even more important like font, color, images, and videos.

Branding was more important than sales. Sales without a brand are just the number of products sold but with a brand, you form a relationship with the customer.


3: Increases Brand Awareness

As with brand character and identity, you want your signage to quickly and simply tell potential customers what your brand is all about, so your signage needs to give a great first impression to anyone and everyone who sees it. Additionally, having your interior signage, whether it’s for branding or safety, properly branded will further increase the number of times a person sees your logo, keeping your brand at top-of-mind.


4: Have the Right Audience

Marketing is intent on being effective, your signage must reach the customers you’re going after in look, feel, and messaging. While businesses seek to break through the noise, once a customer is in your place of business, the only “noise” to break through is your own. You have the right customer, at the right time, but do you have the right message? Clear signage can make all the difference.


5: Cost-Effective Strategy

Signage could be extremely cost-effective when compared to pay-per-impression (PPI). Internet-style advertising is where you pay for each advertisement that is placed via email, on social media, and through other media outlets like television, radio, print, and so on. Signage, on the other hand, is a one-time, up-front cost that can last almost indefinitely, making it a wise and lucrative investment of your hard-earned business dollars. You’ve got a sure-fire strategy that will lead you to better customer experiences and lower the cost of acquisition.


Features of Digital Signage


1: Engaging Content

Digital signage is a very interactive medium. It can be used to advertise, educate, inform, or entertain. Once you have determined your aim for digital signage you can start working on engaging content. For example, hospital signage can improve convenience for visitors.


2: Dynamic Content Integrations

Dynamic content integrations make the digital signage solution effective in delivering relevant & engaging content in a timely fashion at multiple places. The integrations allow operators to update the on-screen content in real-time without user involvement. For example, in a retail store setting, it’s important to update content with relevant discounts and coupons.


3: Content Scheduling & Workflow Management

Malls and shops are dynamic in nature to get more attention from window shoppers. Here digital signage features are easily accessible in content scheduling & workflow management. The goal is to save time and work most efficiently.

The objective is to deliver the desired message to the correct audience at the best time. Options such as rule-based scheduling allow users to automatically deliver dynamic content. Operators can deliver content at different times and with different types of media. 


4: A Digital Signage Media Player

The media player needs to be considered after the screen. A digital signage player also referred to as a “media player” is a small device that is used to broadcast content on any digital display system.

At the pace of technological advances, operators must update their digital media players regularly to improve system performance, expand functionality and provide new tools to reach & interact with the chosen audience.


5: Multi-Screen Support

An effective DS system is not a one-size-fits-all solution. So, some solutions will include one screen while others include many.

Environments where DS is being fully utilized, are showcasing numerous multi-screen video layouts. These include video walls, large-format LCD television screens, and even movie screen-type displays.


6: Multi-user Access

User access control is another must-have for any effective digital signage solution. This might not be a priority for most but can become a really big inconvenience. So, it is easy to have multi-user access while working with digital signage.

So Infinite Audio Visual can help you and your business to set up Digital Signage.

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